Installer for Terminal V2.0.1
  • Presets for FlightStyle and HeliSize not preselected in SetupAssistant
  • Added missing Spektrum Sat protocol to Setup Assistent


Installer for Terminal V2.0.0
  • New settings for current firmware
  • Several improvements and optimizations
  • 3Digi Firmware greater than V2.0.0 required
Installer for Terminal V1.3.2
  • New setting Hott telemetry sensor ID
  • Support for new Spektrum receiver connection
  • 3Digi Firmware greater than V1.3.1 required
Installer for Terminal V1.3.1
  • Program start problems on 32bit operation systems solved
Installer for Terminal V1.3.0
  • Governor settings can be excluded when copying ParSets
  • Governor settings can be copied exclusively
  • Live Tuning parameters can be applied to the settings automatically
  • Link to user guide added to information page
  • EventLog categories (info, warning, error) can be shown individually in the flight data window
  • 3Digi Firmware greater than V1.3.0 required
Installer for Terminal V1.2.2
  • Hott Integration
  • Problems when setting "Sensor port configuration" and governor "Mode" solved
  • Governor standard gain reduced
  • Setup Assistant optimized for slower computers
  • 3Digi Firmware greater than V1.2.1 required
Installer for Terminal V1.2.1
  • Input controls for governor
  • Trim of swash and tail now possible with Live Tuning
  • Inverting servo travel in Setup Assistant now also inverts trim function
  • 3Digi firmware higher than V1.2.0 required
Installer for Terminal V1.1.1
  • Channel preset JR adjusted
  • Autotrim now in user-mode "Normal" instead of "Expert"
  • Swash servo angle correction added
  • 333Hz for swash servos
  • Jeti Integration (required transmitter files available here)
  • Sensor display (magnet) in Live Data
  • 3Digi Firmware greater than V1.1.2 required