Firmware V2.0.2
  • Improved timing for the Hott telemetry communication
  • Hott menu scrolling direction can be inverted
  • A fix for a problem in some of the Hott MX transmitter firmwares can be activated, transmitter sends wrong keycodes in certain situations
  • Problem with a Hott parameter is fixed
Firmware V2.0.0
  • Hint: Save the current setup as file with old Terminal before the update
  • AutoLevel/Rescue
  • Improved control feeling filter: smoother cyclic stops combined with better responding control
  • Initial response optimizer: helps you to find a good setting for the initial response
  • Speed flight optimizer: Makes the heli smoother in speed flight passages
  • Improved swash special mixer: allows to mix yaw to swash servos, for tandem, koax and so on
  • Several internal improvements and optimizations
  • Terminal V2.0.X required
  • Android App 2.0.X required
  • User guide V2.0.0
  • Jeti Integration files V2.0.0
Firmware V1.3.1
  • If tuning values are saved, they will be marked as changed in Jeti and Hott integration
  • Hott telemetry sensor type adjustable
  • Hott telemetry timing optimized
  • Governor mode tolerant to bad RPM signals
  • New RC protocol type "Spektrum receiver sat protocol"
  • Terminal V1.3.X required
  • Android App 1.3.X required
  • User guide V1.3.1
Firmware V1.3.0
  • Hint: Before the update save the current Setup as file with old Terminal
  • Governor more tolerant in spoolup if target rpm can´t be reached
  • New Event log entry "Gov. Spoolup error"
  • New Event log entries "Governor active" and "Governor deactivated"
  • Governor PID values in flight data set to 0 if governor is not active
  • A ParSet change, if the governor is not active, resets the bailout timer
  • Swash channel C4 can be used as AUX channel
  • Hott integration
    • Auto trim quality shown in Hott integration
    • Current tuning values can be applied
    • Trimm values can be copied to other ParSets
    • Governor settings can be copied to other ParSets
    • Current ParSet number shown in Hott submenus
  • Terminal V1.3.X required
  • Android App 1.3.X required
  • User guide V1.3.0
  • Jeti Integration files V1.3.0
Firmware V1.2.1
  • Hott Integration
  • Problem while setting "Throttle output low position" and "Governor avtivation position" fixed
  • Standard governor "Overall gain" reduced and IRange internally readjusted
  • SUMD transmssion error recognition improved


Firmware V1.2.0
  • Hint: Before the update save the current Setup as file with old Terminal
  • Governor for electro and nitro, with integration in FlightData and Live Tuning
  • Init sequence changed, solves Kosmik init problem
  • New EventLog entries when reaching the servo limits
  • Swash and tail trim available as Live Tuning
  • Minimum input voltage as Jeti telemetry value
  • Terminal V1.2.X required
  • Updated Jeti Integration files available here
Firmware V1.1.2
  • Jeti integration (required transmitter files available here)
  • Failsafe delay set to 1000ms
  • Spektrum timing adjusted
  • Angle correction for swash servos
  • 333Hz for swash servos
  • Servo initialization sequence changed